About Godwin Usiayo

GodwinUsiayoThe Professional Manager

While we’d all adoration a business visionary’s handbook that lets us know whether we have the ‘E Factor’ or not. In fact, there is no set in stone answer, there is no discernable equation. That doesn’t intend to say there aren’t a modest bunch of attributes we can pinpoint that are particular to business people. Here is a traits’ percentage that, in our experience, fruitful business visionaries have a tendency to have in plenitude.

Godwin Usiayo objective orientated

Business visionaries are about setting goals and putting everything into accomplishing them; He is resolved to make their business succeed and will uproot any encumbrances that may remain in their direction. He additionally has a tendency to be essential in their strategies and dependably in what he needs to accomplish and how He plan to achieve it.

Godwin Usiayo focused on their business

Business visionaries cannot get vanquished. He see disappointment as an open door for future achievement. He don’t succeed the first occasion when, He ‘ll stay focused on their business and will keep on attempting and try again until it does reach. A genuine business visionary doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

Godwin Usiayo hands-on

Business visionaries are inalienable proactive and realize that if something needs to complete, He ought to do it without anyone’s help. He is ‘practitioners’, not scholars, and tend to have extremely demanding principles. He see their business as an augmentation of themselves and like to be basic in its everyday operations—notwithstanding when He don’t need to be.


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