What is the leadership in Godwin Usiayo

A pioneer in its most straightforward definition is somebody who drives others. A man who ceases to be a pioneer, however, has nobody taking after is essentially going out for a stroll.

Godwin Usiayo has taken individuals to places they don’t know how to get to or that they have not been some time recently. Given that idea, let us take a gander at another word change. This word has been terribly distorted and characterized.

When you hear the word transoceanic, you know it implies over the Atlantic. Correspondingly when you hear transnational, you know it suggests the country over or countries. The word change is the same. It implies crosswise over the structure. A change is a development starting with one frame then onto the next.

Think about the butterfly. It experiences a change from an egg to a caterpillar to the pupa and afterward to the butterfly. Every structure is entirely unexpected from the following. Every structure is not a change in the last shape but rather a very surprising structure. Change is not a redesign of the old. It is the conception of the new. Change is not moving to the greatest house in the ghetto. It is moving out of the ghetto.

With these two definitions set up, the pioneer and change, we can see a photo. Godwin Usiayo is that individual who is driving the general population starting with one frame then onto the next. This implies a true pioneer must by the very meaning of the word pioneer be transformative. Thus, the expression transformative or transformational pioneer is a tautology. It is similar to stating rehash against or inverts back.


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